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Our Mission & Story

We strive to create entrees that are mindful, nutritionally dense, locally sourced and high vibration ingredients. 

It all began in 2012 when Allison tried the Whole 30. She eliminated grains, dairy and gluten and added things like fresh vegetables, heart and brain healthy oils, and superfoods like micro-greens. Allison began to feel herself change, both in body, mind and spirit. She found she had better memory and more energy than she used to after a day with her three babies and was finally sleeping through the night. With this new found energy Allison created Turnip the Beet so that she could help others feel the food revolution she felt.

Allison began with taste testing in her kitchen for family members, which grew into meal delivery by 2015, and finally into the store as we know it today! Turnip the Beet sold 2,500 meals in its first year and 10,000+ in the second. She has created a community and spread the word about clean-eating. Allison’s favorite part of her store is interacting with customers and helping them discover their healthy eating journey!

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Ingredients & Food Sources

What you will find in our meals is nutrient dense, brightly colored vegetables and locally sourced proteins as well as vegan options. What you won’t find: grain, gluten, dairy or soy. Nothing is processed or artificially refined. Many of our entrees are compliant with whole 30, Paleo, Keto, FODMAP diets. We source from 10+ farms in VT, NH, MA and ME.

How it Works

All of our meals are flash-frozen, locking in the nutrients and allowing the meals to last 7-8 months in the freezer. When you come into the store, the freezers are always stocked so you can choose from your favorites! You can buy 1 meal or 10, there is no set amount or locked in subscription. We do offer deals, so the more you buy the more you save. Our menu rotates seasonally and we have a loyalty program so for every 10 stars you get a free entree!

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In the Community

We fully support our local community by donating to many local non-profit organizations, participating with Seacoast Eat Local Farmer’s Markets and hosting field trips and enrichment programs for children to peak their interest in cooking early in life.