Cacao Powder

February 24, 2017 Allison Williams

I can't say enough good things about cacao powder. It has become my new daily superfood. Not only is it a top source of antioxidants, but it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron. Antioxidants are important to our body because they may prevent or delay some types of cell damage.  They are also know as "free radical scavengers". Our bodies do make some of the antioxidants it uses but relies on external sources. Cacao powder is a great source. I put a spoonful in my coffee every morning and when I make a shake. A few weeks back I was having sugar cravings which to me are the hardest cravings of all. I was able to overcome these cravings with the cacao powder because of the magnesium. My sugar cravings were a result of low magnesium in my system. Enough blogging!  Go out and enjoy the sunshine.

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