Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I stop in the store and purchase meals right from the freezer or do I have to pre-purchase a package?

There is no need to pre-purchase a package. You can simply stop in our store during business hours and pick up any of our fully cooked, flash frozen meals.

2. How do you reheat your entrees?

Take our frozen entrees out of the container and place it in an oven safe dish. All entrees come with instructions on oven temperature and time. The range of cook time is between 12 and 35 minutes. You can also thaw our entrees out in your refrigerator and then reheat in microwave. Our containers are BPA free and microwave safe.

3. Do you source from local farms?

Yes, we strive to source as many ingredients as are available from local farms. Currently we source from over 10 New England farms. Some of our farms are Hackmatack Farm, Hickory Hill Farm, Brandmoore Farm, Brookford Farm, and Stout Oak Farm.

4. Do you offer in store meal packages?

Yes, we offer 5 % off when you purchase 10 or more meals.

5. Do you have a loyalty program?

We offer a wonderful star program. When you make a purchase in our store and spend $30 you receive a star. You can receive one star a week. When you attain 10 stars you receive a FREE entrée.

6. Are you Gluten and Dairy free?

Yes, our kitchen is completely grain, gluten, dairy, and soy free as well as refined sugar free. There is never any cross contamination and we make almost everything from scratch.

7. What other products do you carry?

We have an assortment of fermented vegetables, Tessemae’s dressings, cooking oils, RX Bars, nutritious snacks, Epic Product, Handmade decadent desserts, and much more.