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healthy truffle
green banana flour, cacao, and cashew butter
almond flour base with dairy and soy free chocolate chips
Handful of Heaven, nuts, seeds, almond butter, coconut
from scratch almond shortbread crust layered with caramel, almonds, coconut, chocolate chip. Magical
non dairy chocolate chips, almond flour, coconut oil
grain, gluten, dairy free
grain free, organic cacao, pumpkin, bananas, super moist
Main Courses
Spaghetti squash and cashew cream
All Ingredients in this recipe: Chicken breasts, Ginger-cilantro tamari marinade (Rice wine vinegar concentrate, Safflower oil, Tamari soy sauce [water, soybeans, salt, alcohol (to preserve freshness)], Brown sugar, Pureed ginger [ginger, water, citric acid, and salt], Cilantro), Jade pearl rice, Ginger & garlic (Garlic, Ginger), Yellow onion, Daikon kimchi (Daikon kimchi [water, chili pepper (ground),...
Whipped sweet potato topping
Grain free crust with roasted gold potatoes
Brandmoore farm beets
Roasted fall vegetables, pomegranate, apricot rosemary glaze
Sweet peppers, mushrooms, spaghetti squash dairy and grain free
Almond butter, coconut milk, micro cilantro